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UNESCO Associated Schools Project Network

Austrian project schools in the global Associated Schools Project Network (ASPnet)  
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World Heritage for Young People

The willingness to deal with UNESCO World Heritage in school lessons sends an important, future-oriented signal: it promotes access to our common heritage for future generations and thus strengthens the awareness of identity, mutual respect, dialogue, and exchange between cultures. To facilitate interaction with the topic of World Heritage, this digital format was developed for quick and easy access to important information on this subject as well as the Austrian World Heritage sites. Interesting tasks have been designed to facilitate active engagement with our World Heritage sites, their significance, and preservation.

Schools can order bound copies of these teaching resources by completing the order form or sending an e-mail ( and contributing to expenses (postage and handling costs).

Here, you can find teaching resources to download for free, as well as further information and videos.

The teaching materials are only available in German.


  • Digital Version: "Welterbe für junge Menschen - Österreich" - German only Broschüre 2007
  • Digital Version: "Welterbe für junge Menschen - Österreich" - German only Erweiterung 2012
  • Order form: "Welterbe für jungen Menschen - Österreich" - German only Broschüre mit Folien/2007 inkl. Erweiterung 2012 Schloss Eggenberg und die Prähistorischen Pfahlbauten rund um die Alpen/Herausgeber ÖUK


  • The KIT: World Heritage in Young Hands
  • World Heritage Education Programme
  • Patrimonito's World Heritage Adventures