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Youth Representative

Monitoring UNESCO-relevant topics from a youth perspective  
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Youth Representative

The promotion of youth participation in UNESCO and other partner organisations, the partnership between UNESCO and youth, and the empowerment of youth are important concerns of UNESCO. In order to make the voice of youth heard more within the framework of the Austrian Commission for UNESCO (ÖUK) and to give greater consideration to the concerns of young people within ÖUK, a separate Youth Advisory Board was established in 2006.

This approach has been strengthened since April 2019, with the establishment of Youth Representatives of the Austrian Commission for UNESCO. The Youth Representative chairs the Youth Advisory Board. The Youth Representative's main tasks include the representation and dissemination of UNESCO topics among young people throughout Austria, the monitoring of UNESCO-relevant topics from a youth perspective, and active participation in (inter)national working groups.


New Youth Representative of the Austrian Commission for UNESCO: Maria Blomenhofer started with her new role at the YOUTH FORUM at the 41st UNESCO General Conference

Maria Blomenhofer has taken over the position of Youth Representative. In addition to her role as Chairperson of the Youth Advisory Board, she now contributes to youth-related topics and projects at the UNESCO Commission. She started her work with…