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Rafting at the Styrian Eisenwurzen UNESCO Geopark
© Styrian Eisenwurzen Nature Park
Hochkönig at the UNESCO Geopark Ore of the Alps
© Horst Ibetsberger

UNESCO Geoparks are areas and landscapes of international geoscientific significance that are managed based on a holistic understanding of protection, education and sustainable development.

Geological heritage is viewed in the context of all other aspects of the region’s natural and cultural heritage in order to strengthen the awareness and understanding of the most important societal questions. These issues include the sustainable use of the earth’s resources, decreasing the impacts of climate change and reducing the risks related to natural catastrophes.

Furthermore, the UNESCO Geoparks make it possible for people to familiarise themselves with their geological heritage and strengthen their ties with the region. They also serve as a means of promoting tourism and regional development. Austria is home to three of the more than 147 UNESCO Geoparks worldwide.

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