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For Women in Science

A joint collaboration between L'ORÉAL and UNESCO  
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L'Oréal Austria Fellowships

Since 2007, in cooperation with the Austrian Commission for UNESCO, with the Austrian Academy of Sciences and with the support of the Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research, L’ORÉAL Austria has awarded four fellowships every year to young female basic researchers in the fields of medicine, natural sciences and mathematics. The annual submission deadline is 1 March.

Target group: Highly qualified female scientists in medicine, natural sciences and mathematics


  • to complete a project or a dissertation (proposals for initial or interim funding for a dissertation will not be accepted)
  • to bridge the gap before entering a research position for several years
  • to compose a scientific proposal
  • to become re-integrated into the scientific community after a research stay abroad

Submittinb an application for a post-doctoral fellowship is also possible if the doctoral/PhD study is not completed before the submission deadline but will end before acceptance of the fellowship. In this case, the planned completion date must be given on the application. 

Applications are open to female candidates who

  • below the ages of 30 (pre-doctorate) or 35 (post-doctorate)
  • have completed their studies (postgraduate degree/Masters or doctorate/PhD) no more than four years ago
  • are Austrian citizens or have spent at least three years living in Austria
  • are pursuing a specific project in Austria in the field of basic research in the aforementioned disciplines (projects in related disciplines that have an experimental research approach may also be considered)
  • Publications (= peer-reviewed articles or book publications) may be presented

Amount of the fellowship: €25,000 (gross)
Duration of the fellowship:
8-12 months (pre-doctorate) or 6-8 months (post-doctorate)
Submission deadline:
1 March (the postmark date applies)