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Diversity of cultural expressions

Freedom of art and culture  
Photo: © Caroline Minjolle

The Advisory Panel on Cultural Diversity
on the UNESCO Convention on the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions

© ÖUK / Advisory Panel on Cultural Diversity

Coordinating culture across sectors

In June 2010, the Advisory Panel on Cultural Diversity was established at the Austrian Commission for UNESCO (pursuant to Article 18 of the ÖUK statutes) to guide the work of the national point of contact and support the coordination of the “cross-sectoral material" culture within Austria. The advisory panel contributes towards implementing Article 13 of the Convention in Austria.

Article 13 – Integrating culture into sustainable development: The Parties to the Convention are striving to integrate culture into all levels of their policies in order to create conditions conducive to sustainable development. In doing so, they also aim to encourage factors relating to the protection and promotion of diversity of cultural expressions.

The role of the advisory panel is to facilitate regular exchange of information and views about issues and developments relating to the Convention, to support the implementation process through specialist expertise, to advise on key topics and priorities of implementation, to support the role of the national point of contact and to promote measures that raise awareness of and publicise the Convention.

The advisory panel is made up of representatives from the relevant ministries, the federal governments and independent experts appointed in coordination with the Working Group on Cultural Diversity. Its members thus serve as an interface to the ARGE.

Below is a list of the members of the advisory panel (in alphabetical order):

Depending on the main areas of focus, additional department representatives and experts can be brought into meetings.