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Diversity of cultural expressions

Freedom of art and culture  
Photo: © Caroline Minjolle

UNESCO Talk: Rethinking cultural policies. Learning from international experiences

  • 13. December 2022
  • 10:00 - 15:00h (CET)
  • Federal Ministry for Arts, Culture, the Civil Service and Sport (Room Oscar), Concordiaplatz 2, 1010 Vienna

The Austrian Commission for UNESCO (ÖUK) and ARGE Kulturelle Vielfalt invite you to the UNESCO Talk: Rethinking cultural policies.

We will focus on questions whose public negotiation is indispensable for democratic cultural policies. Impulses from artistic, scientific and activist perspectives open up the following discussions. The starting point for the impulses is the UNESCO World Cultural Report of 2022.

How are the multiple crises changing working conditions in art and culture? How does cultural work contribute to sustainable regional development? What role do marginalised cultural actors play in the discussion about visas and residence? & what impetus does UNESCO provide in this regard?

Register at --> UNESCO Talk: Kulturpolitik neu denken. Aus internationalen Erfahrungen lernen - Österreichische UNESCO-Kommission

Opening Remarks
Kathrin Kneissel (BMKÖS) & Martin Fritz (ÖUK)

Young, flexible and unattached?
Focusing on: Social conditions and precarity
With: Daniela Koweindl (ARGE Kulturelle Vielfalt & IG Bildende Kunst), Anna Gaberscik (artist), Anita Moser (Inter-University Organisation Science and Arts)

Cultural work as a catalyst
Focusing on: sustainable regional development
With: Fiston Mwanza-Mujila (author & Forum Stadtpark), Alina Zeichen (IG KiKK), Olga Kolokytha (University of Vienna & University for Continuing Education Krems)

Mobility, Visa & Residence made difficult
Focusing on: global asymmetries
With: Sabine Kock (ARGE Kulturelle Vielfalt & Smart Mobility), Rémi Armand Tchokothe (University of Vienna), Daria Tchapanova (artist) und Ayşe Çağlar (University of Vienna)

Each of the topics will be followed by a discussion in which all participants are invited to contribute their expertise. Join the discussion!

Sum-Up und Network-Lunch

With thanks to the Federal Ministry for Arts, Culture, the Civil Service and Sport.


© Photo auf Unsplash by Meric Dagli