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Diversity of cultural expressions

Freedom of art and culture  
Photo: © Caroline Minjolle

Save the Date: Mobility-Symposium: Global Asymmetries in Art & Culture

  • 4. Mai 2023
  • Universität für Musik und darstellende Kunst Wien

What does mobility mean for cultural workers and artists? Who has opportunities to move from place to place and who is excluded from international mobility? What are the working and living realities of third-country nationals in Austria? What role does socioeconomic and ecological justice play in this?

In the joint event „Global Asymmetries in Art and Culture. Mobility: Privilege and Problem“ we bring together actors – from academia, civil society, politics and administration – on the topic of mobility in art & culture in the context of global asymmetries. Against the backdrop of the UNESCO 2005 Convention and preferential treatment it is our goal to raise awareness to the existing global asymmetries between the so-called Global South and North.

With ratifying the UNESCO-Convention from 2005, Austria as well as the EU have committed to giving preferential treatment to the Global South. This idea of preferential treatment incorporates important topics such as the mobility of artists and cultural workers, trade of cultural goods as well as cooperation for development. All in all, it aims at battling the existing asymmetries between the Global North and Global South in the cultural sector. In light of the current polycrisis, also referring to the climate crisis, discussing issues of mobility and fair cultural exchange have never been so crucial. This is where the Convention provides a useful basis, to allow us to see preferential treatment as a responsibility for the Global North that comes with history as colonizers, economic power and privilege.

An event by the Austrian Commission for UNESCO, the Department of Cultural Management and Gender Studies at the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna (MDW) and IG Bildende Kunst, the advocacy group of visual artists in Austria.

Program and invitation will follow soon.

© Hulki Okan Tabak auf Unsplash