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Intangible cultural heritage

Traditions, knowledge, craftsmanship techniques  
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Slovenian Field and House Names in Carinthia
Oral traditions in Carinthia, inscribed 2010

Slovenian-language field and house names that have come down to us today represent an important source when it comes to understanding the economic, social, and linguistic developments that have taken place in the Austrian province of Carinthia. Not insignificantly, they also attest to the deep anchoring of the Slovenian language and culture in Carinthia.

The intangible cultural heritage of the Slovenes in Carinthia [CR1] [CB2] manifests itself in diverse forms and is both upheld and shaped anew by families, individuals, associations, groups, and institutions. Slovenian field and house names have been given and used in ever-new iterations since Slavs entered this area during the 6th century CE; they refer to natural phenomena or local history and thus represent a significant and fundamental component of Carinthian Slovenes’ linguistic and cultural identity. And by virtue of their natural connection with everyday life, field and house names also function as mirrors of history.

Slovenian-language field and house names are part of the cultural heritage of both Slovenian-speaking and German-speaking inhabitants of this region and point to a close connection with nature in the way that they provide information on types and qualities of soil, various human activities, and names of animals, plants, and individuals. Four major dialect groups currently exist, and their local dialect variants and characteristics likewise find expression in such names. But at the same time, the Slovenian language and the associated Slovenian field and house names are threatened with extinction in Carinthia. Therefore, volunteer associations and individuals have now joined forces with academics in an attempt to not only document and record this treasure trove of names in their dialect forms but also to provide them with a presence on both general-purpose and hiking maps.


Vinko Wieser
Martina Piko-Rustia




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